Vorsom Um'boro

Historic Dwarf who built Goraz Mordin


Vorsom was a prince in the [[Droftrach Mordin]] a long time ago.  He was always a bit of a renegade as he grew up.  As he came of age he wanted to go off and found his own kingdom.  His father and older brother gave their blessings and Vorsom joined with his long time friend [[Slirrad Asseld]] to found a new kingdom.  His family was not entirely happy with his choice of friends.  Droftrach Mordin was growing quickly so it was easy to recruit about a thousand dwarves to follow them.

 The two found a perfect site on a cliff in the [[Cragg Hills]].  It was relatively near to human settlements including Kiluontor ([[Luon]] today).  They built a massive castle right into the cliff-face.  Soon they began to mine the gems that were beneath the castle and in the surrounding hills.  The kingdom became wealthy almost overnight.  With wealth comes power and [[Goraz mordin]] gained power over the surrounding lands quickly.  Vorsom reveled in it.

Vorsom Um'boro

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