The Six Pack

The Six Pack were a famous adventuring group that operated mostly in north-central Imearth.  They were highly successful and they all became quite powerful.  They often adventured for gold and glory but they also took up many causes during their carreer.  They operated until about ten or twelve years before "game time."

They were led by a rogue by the name of Rincon "Con" Pardir.  He was uncomfortable in the role of leader but he was a natural.  The rest of the group was made up of a Barbarian named Roc, a Paladin named Sir Kenreck, a Dwarven Fighter named Rayn, a Half-elf wizard named Stivanna, and a Gnomish Cleric named Yalden.


Rumour has it that something bad happened during their last adventure together and Rincon said that he was ready to retire.

Rincon now runs an Inn in the village of Alem.  Rayn works with him at the Inn.  Sir Kenreck's whereabouts are unknown, as are Roc's.  Stivanna and Yalden are both in Ruomol.

The Six Pack

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